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Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr. (interview with Mr. Eric Muhammuad of VIBE609 RADIO)


Article by A.Bey


       Today residents of Atlantic City gathered around the civil rights Garden to witness and experience another moment in our history. 


       Mayor Marty Small Sr., of Atlantic City held his second press conference this week announcing that every 1st Friday in September as of today until the future will be recognized as “Black Lives Matter” Month; as we stood on those words boldly painted yellow throughout the street of Dr. Martin Luther King Ave. (between Atlantic and Pacific Avenue).


       The mother of Eric Garner was also in attendance, in which she spoke to the public some words of encouragement, followed by a ceremony of appreciation and recognition to all the artists who played a part in the painting. Small's read the Proclamation of Atlantic City, & ending with a benediction and invitation to be a part of the historical moment by painting aside of a tetters!


       Today was a great day for Atlantic City! 

Reporter /Activist / Owner of VIBE609 Radio

Even children from the community were involved

Members from the community gathered around 

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Small's during his conference on Friday